Tuesday, March 26, 2013

spring time fling time

So as I speak there's still snow lining the streets...crazy if you want my opinion, but not even a little post winter chill is gonna stop me from being ridiculously excited about warm weather up ahead. Not to mention Roll To Me keeps playing in my head. The idea of a road trip with a 90s soundtrack keeps sounding better and better... Till then, here's a little Pinterest overflow for springtime.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

logan's run

This one was something else alright.
If you haven't heard of Logan's Run, it's a 70s sci-fi film about a futuristic society ruled by a mysterious robotic system and run by Sandmen, who keep things under control and stop Runners from getting away. Everybody has this light on their hands, and when it starts blinking red they're sent to Carousel, a strange ceremony where the participants face renewal or termination. Logan is a Sandman in the dawn of his prime, living and loving life in the 23rd century. But after a strange series of events Logan finds himself running from the Sandmen to save his own life, in a Tom Cruise Minority Report kind of way. You work for the machine, you find a flaw in the machine, you run from the machine...it's a kind of classic sci-fi plot, but as long as the film mixes it up, I think it works well.
At first I though this movie was one of the weirdest sci-fi I've seen to date...for one it lacked the typical explanations most movies provide, but I liked it more and more as it went on. Maybe it's just me but I thought the scene with Box the robot was pretty creepy. If the entire film revolved around that concept I would've been satisfied.

Peter Ustinov had to be my favorite actor in the film. Playing generically named "Old Man" he basically just walked around making up rhymes about his cats, which didn't seem to make much sense in context but lightened up the film in the weirdest way and gets my golden seal of approval.
Poor Farrah Fawcet on the other hand got slumped with the world's least articulate lines...

Apparently there's a remake in order, to be directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who last directed Drive, so I'm kind of excited hear more about that. Even though Ryan Gosling has dropped off the cast list (aww), if Drive says anything about Refn's cinematic style we can expect the new Logan's Run to be streamlined, classic and well-executed.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

silver linings playlist

This movie was awesome! I went into the theater not knowing exactly what I was gonna get, and instead I got something awesome. It was great.

I assumed from the title that Silver Linings Playbook was gonna be 100% about football, or at least centered around it, but it was about a lot of different things. Mental illness, death, family, love and just relationships in general, cheating, gambling, superstitions, second-chances, and making a change. And dancing. There is quite a bit of dancing, and it's not even a little out of place. This was my favorite role I've seen Jennifer Lawrence in (I can't say much because the only other thing I've seen her in is The Hunger Games) and I really liked her performance because she managed to help out the lead character, Pat (Bradley Cooper) without getting pegged as a manic pixie dream girl because she had her own set of problems and goals and personality. All I have to say is IT'S ABOUT TIME...
This is also my favorite role I've seen Bradley Cooper in! Pat was definitely a three-dimensional character as well. Robert De Niro was as awesome as usual, and Chris Tucker stole the screen every time he made an appearance.

I don't wanna call this movie a romantic comedy, because that's dumbing it down and taking away from the fact that it was so much more. Not just a comedy or a drama either. As I said before, Silver Linings Playbook is alot of different things, that just happen to work very well together. You'll have to see it yourself to find out...

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

i'm still out there

Hey guys! Just a little update post. I'm still out here, despite my frequently infrequent blog posts (see what i did there OXYMORON) and if my camera wasn't battery dead I could post some pictures of my perler bead bows! I bought a pack of perler beads and I have to admit that I'm in love. In love with these perler beads. Why am I only just discovering all the stuff you can make with them? It's crazy. Okay, calming down...
The Natalie Portman shoulderpads have not happened yet because I can't find studs anywhere! Anyone know where a girl can buy some studs? And I'm not talking Bedazzlers. 

But anyway and anywho, here's some music to make up for my absence. I'm really starting to like the kills. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

rebel yell

shoulder jewelry!

Honestly, guys, there needs to be an immediate DIY on those shoulder pads, legit, like right now. I would definitely accept those as an alternative to the peter pan collar resurgence, which I love, but am also ready to admit I'm getting a little bored of. Time to switch it up, and Natalie's got the right idea (and can I add hi5 for the pompadour). I'm thinking felt bases and gold buttons and studs. A little glue gunnin'? You'll be hearing more about these soon. 

Until then...a little Jet/Strokes anybody? These two songs have been playing in my head all day...


Sunday, October 28, 2012

fall is here

It's been here for a while, of course, but I feel we've just gotten to that part of the season where the cool weather officially moves in. Typically I hate it when the temperature sinks below a sunny 70, but I have to admit I'm kind of excited for layering...
Currently embracing tans and cranberries and forest greens. Something about Atonement and Never Let Me Go make me think of fall.
Not to mention Sandy's on it's way, bringing in up to 4 in of snow in some places I hear? Everybody out there in storm areas, good luck, make sure you're stocked up with supplies, and stay safe!

1. 3. 5. 
2. 4.

Friday, October 26, 2012

cover story

Yael Naim's cover of Toxic might be even better than the original. 


hate to say I told you so...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

manic panic

Recently I've been seriously considering dyeing my hair an outrageous color, mostly out of hair boredom, but also because I've been spending too much time on Pinterest, checking out my options. I've got to admit they take confidence, but they're definitely worth it. Here are a few of my favorites.

I have to say, I've always been a sucker for bright primary hair (Run Lola Run anyone?) but this whole pastel thing is growing on me. Especially the lavender, ever since I first spotted Wildfox's Day Dream T's shoot (last photo). And I can't even mention awesome hair without mentioning Kailey from Mermaiden's absolutely awesome Neapolitan hair! Like, have you seen this yet?

I've never even thought about those three colors for hair before, it's really creative. Kudos. 

One thing for sure...if I decide to go for the pastel hair I think I'll be sticking to semi-permanent dye. I've already tried hair chalking (really fun by the way) which...well the color is basically gone by the end of the day, and I think I'm ready for almost-kind-of color commitment. If anyone has any tips or advice about dyeing hair (or stories!) feel free to comment below! 

And by the way, I've recently fallen in love with At The Bottom of Everything By Bright Eyes, the video is really creative and kind of adorable. 

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

blade runner

I'm in a Fiona Apple Across the Universe kind of mood.
But I'm also in a Ridley Scott kind of mood because I spent yesterday watching, and fawning, and being in love with Harrison Ford and all that is Blade Runner. I personally don't have a single problem with diving into fangirly madness over whatever I love this week (despite how ridiculously embarrassing that term is), so I'm going to indulge in a blog post. And off we go...
I'm not even going to review Blade Runner, but in case you haven't seen it, I'll say this: watch it, preferably director's cut, which cuts out the voice overs and includes a few extra scenes not used in the regular version. It's funny because Blade Runner in all of it's futuristic dystopian glory kind of captured all the vibes I've been trying to talk about. The neon china town film noir in color mysterious young secretive detective futuristic thiiinnngg yooouu guyyyyysssss. Basically Ridley Scott understands me. And if you know me, you know that now we have to talk about the cinematography.

I really love it when you go into a movie or start reading something expecting disappointment and then the author or director or the actors pull a 180 on your expectations and you get to discover something you love. That's one reason I love films. You can watch as many previews as you want but you never really know what you'll get until you take a look. 
But really, as if I don't love Harrison Ford enough already.

Since Blade Runner was so visually interesting to watch, I got thinking about was the costumes used within the film.

And of course, since I inevitably like to apply everything I see to my own life (terrible habit) I started thinking about how to translate the costumes and those vibes into a sewing project. I also came across these boots on fab.com just today that I think kind of relate...if you can relate boots to blade runner. It's a stretch. I've got a sketch for a dress in my mind that i'll get back to later.
And i'm itching to read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".
Until next time...

un deux trois quatre 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

oh dear

Yeah, it's been a month...
but I'm backkkkkkkkkkkk....
and it's time to turn level up into a virtual mood board for an inspiration post. 
Let's do this thing. 

If I could steal anyone's style, it would be Kiko Mizuhara's for managing to be quirky without being obnoxious, and classy without being stuffy. And her haircut is awesome. 

NYLON Japan, August 2011
On cover of the February 2012 issue of NYLON Japan

I spotted the Justice for All shoot in Marie Claire while I was flipping through magazines at the supermarket. I seriously never get tired of patterns. 

Later on I found out there's a dress version of the Roberto Cavalli set on the right that I like even more. Mostly because it has a flamingo collar.

and in the world of music....

SUGABABES! I hate that name. But they're good. The Pre-Heidi, Siobhan/Mutya/Keisha lineup has to be my favorite, and I've listened to Overload at least 20 times this month. 

and ever since I watched Girl Interrupted, I can't seem to get this song out of my head.

In local news, I finished my first messenger bag, and I'm working on new projects for the shop! I decided that instead of pretending that I'm a factory and attempting to mass produce handmade stuff, I'll just be making a few of each item, which will one make it easier for me to work on more projects, and two make each item a little more special and unique. Until then...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

those harajuku girls

So continuing with Alice in Wonderland, I just watched the video for What You Waiting For (I know how late am I riiight...) and noticed all the wonderland vibes going on! Kind of a crazy harajuku alice thing. But I kind of love it. In case you missed last post missed it, you can click right here for the prologue to level up alice love. 

And can I just note Gwen Stefani's skills? Just a Girl is my anthem. And she definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to Harajuku. There's a really cool site called Japanese Streets that's basically Lookbook for insanely adorable and daring Japanese Street Style. I wholeheartedly approve of all the following. 

Most of the girls on the Japanese Streets site are from Harajuku, and the individuality and creativity condensed within one city is pretty incredible. 


Monday, September 17, 2012

curiouser and curiouser

For the last couple of years, my favorite fairytale wouldn't budge. Whenever someone asked me (it seems to be a favorite orientation/interview icebreaker question doesn't it...) the answer was Peter Pan. Still is. I kind of love the whole flying away to Neverland, never growing up, fairies and mermaids and adventures deal. I mean, the whole Wendy going back thing seemed a little unrealistic to me, just saying, who picks early 19th century England over mermaids, c'mon guys, we all know things were not all that rad. Just sayin'. 

But anyway, I'm kind of warming up to Alice in Wonderland. I never actually read the book as a kid, so the movies were all I knew. But a while back when I got my e-reader (note: i still like real books better) one of the free books for download was "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", so I figured it's never too late, and I started reading. And I realized what I'd been missing out on! Lewis Carol is a lyrical genius, I could quote Alice all day long. And then on one of my web surfing trips I spotted an editorial from an older issue of Vogue (I can't quite remember what year) where a bunch of different designers dressed up their own version of Alice in different environments, which I thought was pretty rad, and that you can take a look at below. 

Tom Ford
Nicolas Ghesquiere
John Galliano
Karl Lagerfeld
Marc Jacob
Viktor & Rolf

The first, sixth and seventh have to be my favorites, but they're all really awesome, and it isn't too often that designers get to star in the shoots. Digital hi-5 for Viktor & Rolf as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They went all out. 

So I wanted to make something sort of inspired by Alice so...I made my first dress (with a little bit of help from my mom, kudos mom) ! This photo is post-wash pre-iron hence my dress is a little bit wrinkly but I wanted to post it so I did. I love the feeling you get after you accomplish something! It normally makes me want to start a new project, which explains why right now I'm in the midst of dying a denim jumper dress bright red...but I'll get back to that later. When I think of Alice I think of stripes so I picked the stripiest fabric I had and set off. I'm thinking of making a peter pan collar too...but I'll see where that gets me. 

And because I can't leave you guys without a soundtrack and I love Fiona Apple...plus I just think Extraordinary Machine really suits Alice. So here ya go: 

Until next time...